If you love puzzles and online games, then you'll love these great sites too! If you know about a great jigsaw-related site that's not listed here please let us know.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Free Online Mahjong - Play the best mahjong solitaire game online!

All Jigsaw Puzzles - Jigsaw Puzzle company serving the UK. Choose from over 1350+ popular and hard to find jigsaw puzzles. - Free online jigsaw Puzzles

Dotty's Virtual Jigsaws - The largest virtual jigsaw puzzle review site on the internet with reviews and links to both online and downloadable jigsaw puzzles.

Passion for Puzzles Blog - Passion for Puzzles is a fantastic site for all kinds of puzzles. You can find solutions for brain teasers. There is also a great section for online games and another section for daily online activities like crosswords, sudoku, word search etc.

Puzzle Master - A large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale.

Puzzle Games - A collection of free online puzzle games.

The Griddle - Hundreds of free printable logic grid puzzles.

JigCard Gallery - Photography gallery with a free daily jigsaw puzzle and free electronic greeting cards. Over 2,000 pictures are organized by category. Members enjoy additional benefits. - A leading supplier of personalized photo jigsaw puzzles.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Jigsaw puzzles with superb collection of daily jigsaw puzzles including childrens jigsaw puzzles and adult large piece puzzles.

Puzzle House - Offers upscale, high quality, hard to find jigsaw puzzles.


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