Yorkshire Puppy Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzle of a Yorkshire puppy with long fur.


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Aug 11, 2014
Looks like he is looking for trouble.
Jun 23, 2014
Cute but tough!
May 25, 2014
This is a little Yorkie, that looks just like mine.All our children are grown and left the nest so we treat little Murphy just like one of the kids.Even sleeps on my pillow with me.He knows the word ride and gets so excited when we mention it.Jusl tove him to pieces
May 31, 2014
My katie knows all and loves rides too. don't go anywhere without her and boy just say the word walk and she can't wait to get the leash on!
May 31, 2014
Jul 20, 2013
Ah, I had a sweet precious little fur person like this named Chauncey. He was so smart. I could say, "Go and get your rabbit" or "Where is your yellow ball? " He knew most of toys by name and remembered where he had left them. He was a tireless ball fetcher. He got cancer and we had to say "Goodbye 'till we meet again."
Jul 22, 2013
I lost my little white poodle to breast cancer, she was so sweet and loved people. I know how you feel. Our little dogs are gone but not forgotten.
Feb 28, 2013
I have one that looks just like this. He is 3 months old and his name is tag cause he follows you everywhere.
Apr 16, 2012
I'm having a bad hair day also!