Yellow Chick Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online puzzle of a young yellow chick. The chick looks soft and fuzzy.


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Sep 3, 2017
Such a cutie! Not very old.
May 23, 2016
Cute Baby!
Nov 12, 2015
We had chickens when we farmed
would take eggs to the store sell or trade
it was good having our own eggs and fresh chicken when we wanted it
in the spring and early summer fried chicken
my son claimed the young chickens
he would cry when we killed a fryer
I would tell him it was one of my old hens
we had a preacher at that time told him as good as he loved chicken
he needed to grow up and be a preacher
Oct 19, 2015
I love baby chicks. use to love taking care of them.
Oct 8, 2015
I was never afraid of the chikens but my Uncle had some Tom Turkeys who were bigger than I was at the time who loved to terrorize little girls. Dad wouldn't have turkeys on the place. Don't like American Indian Chief Headdress just cause they look like turkeys all these many years later even.
Aug 14, 2015
I liked gathering eggs, except the rotten ones under the barn eves. We had 3 mean roosters over our life time
Apr 16, 2015
I saw some young people picking up some baby chix's yesterday. They had plans for building a little coop and all kinds of things that would be needed. How exciting to start raising baby chixz! I am not fond of adult chickens as they are so mean! Grandma should never insisted on me getting the eggs in the morning. I was scared for life! LOL YUP AFRAID OF CHICKENS! But love to eat them. ;D
Apr 27, 2015
I'm also afraid of chickens! in fact i'm afraid of most birds. I do like to eat them though.x
Apr 27, 2015
When my mother was young she also had to gather eggs from mean chickens. One time she turned the water bucket over the mean rooster to keep from being pecked and then when she was all done, forgot to uncover the rooster, Bu the time my grandmother saw the bucket and got it, the rooster was never mean again. It made dinner that night because it had died being under the water bucket, all wet most of the hot day.
Apr 29, 2015
Yup chicken is one of my favorite meals! They are cute when they are itty bitty chix'z! But grown up they can be so mean. I didn't know that some people keep them as pets just because they are affectionate. Who knew that they like their neck scratched. NOT ME! I love other birds like canaries & other small caged birds. I guess they all can be friendly.
Apr 29, 2015
I'm not afraid of chickens, but I've killed, plucked and cut up enough of them that I just can't stand the smell of raw chicken. I buy mine as frozen, skinless organic breasts, since my dearly beloved only eats white meat.

I remember gathering eggs with my grandmother; when she reached under one old hen, there was a big black snake all curled up and warm around the eggs. You can bet I didn't gather eggs with her ever again!
Apr 28, 2015
I always loved raising baby chicks. If feed wasn't so expensive, I'd have chickens today. I have only experienced 3 mean roosters in my life.
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