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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of yellow wooden shoes. The shoes are painted with windmills in Holland.


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Sep 27, 2019
A hard but pretty mystery today
Dec 25, 2017
These are so pretty and vibrant
Nov 23, 2015
When I worked in Holland I walked into the lobby of a Dutch hotel and saw the most beautiful receptionist behind the reception desk and decided to take her back to the United States instead of a pair of clogs. Good decision. We have been happily married for over 45 years. Nice puzzle though.
Sep 27, 2017
Pogo, I love that story! congratulations on your long marriage. God bless it and your both for a long time to come.
Jun 30, 2017
Very lovely yellow shoes.
Nov 1, 2016
Beautiful art!
Jul 17, 2016
Beautiful photo and it has made a great puzzle that is good on the eyes to sit and enjoy doing this Puzzle I think it would be a good one full size.
Aug 22, 2015
Play games with a sharp 98 years old lady last night. She has been a lot of places.
Aug 7, 2015
Love Dutch clogs. I have a collection of about 200 now, not all this size and all made of different types of material. They are fascinating.

I have had a lovely day today, spent almost two hours with a dear friend talking over coffee. And it was lovely.

Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness." William E. Gladstone

God bless all of you and may He provide you all with a lovely friend. Hugs.
Aug 7, 2015
That is nice to collect something...when we had our motorhome and traveled..I collected timbles from the different places...most not expensive and didn't take much room
Aug 7, 2015
Coffee, as with most things, is always better when shared with a friend. May your days continue to be lovely, aussie!
Aug 7, 2015
I have always found dutch wooden clogs fun, they all seem to be different, I can see how you have collected so many Aussie.Be safe out there.
Aug 7, 2015
Thank you aknan and darambo, it all started when I came home from Europe and was sharing a house with a young music student. I found an old wooden clog under the house where the laundry was and thought I would fix it up one day and keep for a souvenir. Took a number of years to do this, but when I had fixed it began to see clogs everywhere lol, hence the collection.
Aug 15, 2015
Just backtracking on puzzles I missed. I think those are two right feet and not a pair. Anybody else think so? If they were a pair the painting would be reversed horizontally plus the upper shoe is definitely a smaller size.
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