Wooden Maze Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle of a favorite toy of a ball navigating a wooden maze.


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Sep 17, 2018
Never had one of these! Took a long time to finish it.
Oct 14, 2012
I have one of these!!! Love playing with it! :D
Dec 4, 2016
One of my grandmothers had one. Used to play with game. She had one that you turned knobs at the bottom and then the board tilted.
May 26, 2014
Tricky but fun!
Dec 8, 2013
Looks Fun
Jul 2, 2013
By this took some doing, enjoyed putting this one together, thank you team for this one enjoyed the challenge, this one game as not lost it's touch has every one is still playing this and it is on way to learn us how to concentrate on the things we are interested in.
Mar 8, 2013
I also had one of these as a pre-teen. Enjoyed it but my sisters seemed to always beat me to it until it got broken
Sep 24, 2012
I love these games! I had one that Iitterally played throughout my entire childhood. It finally broke during a move (as an adult). My family replaced it with a new one. Still love it.
Jan 30, 2012
What game is this? Looks very interesting. Just curious! Great puzzle. Thank YOU very much!!!
Laura - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Jan 30, 2012
This game is called 'Labyrinth.' The object of the game is to tilt the wooden board to guide ball to the end of the maze without letting it fall into the holes.