Wombat Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle of a wombat in Australia. The wombat is on sandy ground perfect for burrowing.


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Aug 1, 2018
Ugly looking animal!
Nov 18, 2015
I don't believe I have seen a wombat, even in a zoo. If I did, he didn't make much impression. This one is well fed and his fur is sleek. A nice mystery
Oct 23, 2015
Our pretty little wombat friend looks very well fed. Would not want to mess with those claws though. Interesting in the mystery cut...didn't know what this little fellow was.
Nov 4, 2014
Aw he is so cute! I want him as a pet!
Oct 24, 2014
A friend of mine on Facebook occasionally posts updates from a wombat rescue center. They're pretty cute. Are they marsupials?
Sep 29, 2014
My dog has a stuffed toy that looks like this. There are lots of little critters that look more or less the same. I have never known what it was supposed to be so I just called it the "rodent". The first thing he did with it was chew the squeaker out. Now he tosses it around and even, once in awhile, uses it for a pillow.
Sep 12, 2014
Ah that's so cute
Jun 8, 2014
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