Winter Sweater Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of a warm winter sweater. The comfortable tan sweater is knitted with a pattern.


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Jan 2, 2018
Very pretty
Nov 28, 2015
Yikes! I just read a weather report and it is telling me that it is going to be only 22 degrees F. here tonight. Makes me think about the 3/4 finished warm cap that I have made. I should dig it out and finish it up! It is black to match everything (I hope). I'm making it extra long to fold back to cover my ears, and I plan for a nice chubby pom-pom at the top.
Nov 27, 2015
It has been so very hot here today and this made me feel even hotter :(

"A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship." Markus Zusak

"I think anyone who opened their heart enough to love without restraint and subsequently were devastated by loss knows that in that moment you are forever changed; a part of you is no longer whole. Some will never again love with that level of abandon where life is perceived as innocent and the threat of loss seems implausible. Love and loss, therefore, are linked." Donna Lynn Hope

Nov 27, 2015
I'll bet it did for you since it's going into Summer where you are. It's actually mild where I am even though we're going into Winter so the sweater isn't exactly needed. There are lots of other places here in the US though that are having it bad. It's really cold and they just had a big snow where my brother and his family and one of my sisters live.
Nov 27, 2015
This is a very true statement. A part of you is no longer whole. I especially notice this on holidays.
Nov 27, 2015
May that missing part re-grow, aussie. Hugs.
Nov 27, 2015
Thank you aknan - I know that God is in control and only wants the best for all of us. Hugs.
Nov 27, 2015
Love it and the Jumper will be great for the winter in any place in the world.
Nov 27, 2015
It's definitely sweater weather here - we have a freezing rain advisory - it's just below freezing outdoors (0 C or 32 F, one of the few conversion points I still remember, although -40 is the same in Celsius or Fahrenheit). I'm glad that I have loved sweaters most of my life, although, when I was younger, I don't think they made sweaters out of any material that didn't itch.
Nov 27, 2015
My knitting days are over, due to repetitive motion stress, but man those were fun years. I was never very good at it but I sure enjoyed it. Poor ol' hubby wore my productions to work without a word. This is indeed true love! LOL
Nov 27, 2015
LOL - I'm impressed! True love indeed!
Nov 27, 2015
Looks like a nice warm sweater
Nov 27, 2015
Nice sweater I have one something like it
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