Winter Road Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Online jigsaw puzzle of tires tracks in freshly fallen snow.


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Feb 3, 2016
Growing up I recall days like this one in the photo. One year we went to MI after xmas. Remember one year one day it was -35 below with -70 below windchill. I had a paper route that year. Delivered papers on that day. Brrrr!
Jan 6, 2016
Nice mystery! When last year did you photograph my road? Or was it this November? (Any of the snow this month missed us, and Dec. was record warmth.) Seriously looks a lot like it. On the right is MI and the left is IN. And we consider this drivable, but I still hate to drive on it!
Nov 16, 2015
It is raining here. I dread when ice gets on roads.
Feb 20, 2015
I think this puzzle has more to do with eyesight than skill. it is so pretty but right now i'd like it to melt. We've had snow since Sunday & expect more today.
Sep 23, 2014
This kind of makes me really glad that I no longer drive.
Sep 24, 2014
I've not drove in 2 yrs. and miss driving to church and to Dollar General that's just a short distant from me
Aug 13, 2014
A few more months and we will be looking at this!
Aug 13, 2014
I'm not ready for it
Aug 4, 2014
Brr- looks cold but serenely beautiful - never seen trees like that except in photos! It's 1 here this morning and we think it's cold as!! Haha
Jul 28, 2014
Had to do it! 100 degress here!
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