Winter Cat Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle online of a soft cat looking outside a window. The cat is looking at a snowy landscape in winter.


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Jan 28, 2021
I REALLY ENJOYED that BEAUTIFUL-LOOKING calico cat!!!!! It surely reminded me of the one I had for 17 years and 4 months before she developed health problems and had to be "put down" in July 21, 2010. I had her cremated and have her ashes in a special container. I also have some special plush Calico cats that remind me of her, as well as a computer mouse pad that says: I LOVE MY CALICO CAT. She and my other 2 cats--a tortoise shell-Calico and a B and W cat will always remain in my heart while they're in RAINBOW BRIDGE enjoying themselves.

meanwhile, I continue solving jigsaws that remind me of any of them, as well.
Jul 20, 2016
What a beautiful cat. Bet it's glad to be inside!
Feb 6, 2020
Not if he's like our cat. He desperately wants to be outside, but he also wants it to be WARM out there. SO he goes from door to door, demanding to be let out, convinced that one of those doors MUST lead to SUMMER!
Feb 7, 2020
You have to give your cat credit for trying! It's like summer here today--in 80's--but thunderstorm tonight and only supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow. This is central Florida.
Feb 2, 2015
I don't blame you honey...I'd rather be in a warm house looking out at the snow too!
Feb 3, 2015
That's exactly what my cat is doing to day sat on the window ledge watching the snow no intention of going out in it
Oct 7, 2014
This cat closely resembles mine, except for the reddish brown at the front of her face near her right ears and at the back of her forehead. Mine has black....Her pose reminds me of her, just like my FORMER cat---Jazzy, another calico, did.
Jul 9, 2014
So cute!
Feb 25, 2014
I have been like this cat most of the winter, in the window looking out at the snow covering the ground. Melt snow, come on Spring! :)
Nov 26, 2013
"Baby, it's cold outside! "
Nov 17, 2013
As soon as I got a glimps of this jigsaw, my brain just said "I have to do this puzzle! ". It's such a wonderful jigsaw.
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