Wild Lynx Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of two wild lynx in the snow. The two are giving each other a much needed rub.


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Feb 24, 2020
I love all cats!!! These two are so pretty.
Jan 2, 2018
So sweet

Storm coming so gotta run.

Good night and God bless. Hugs.
Jan 2, 2018
That is just the cutest thing!!! Woke with a headache a little after midnight and couldn't think straight, took me over an hour to do puzzle----should have waited to do it. Aussie hope the storm wasn't too bad and that it cooled things down some for you. Hope everyone made it through new years safe. We always stay in and celebrate here at home, just the family. Stay safe now and through the coming year my puzzler friends.
Jan 2, 2018
Hi darambo, wasn't too bad - lasted about half an hour but it was extremely loud. Got lots of exercise jumping up from the bed when the louder ones cracked lol. Hugs.
Jan 3, 2018
Hi aussie, Happy New Year! x
and to all puzzlers! x
Jan 3, 2018
And to you ichibanvic - how's the weather down your way? Lots of storms here lately. Hugs.
Jan 9, 2018
Hi Aussie
last Saturday it was 43 degrees, Phew! and today Tuesday 9th a lovely 26 degrees. x
Jan 17, 2018
Hi aussie
weather report for me today 42..tomorrow, Friday also 42, and I have to catch 2 buses to the city to the hospital. not looking forward to it. wish I was still in Coolangatta.
how is the weather up there? x
Jan 18, 2018
I ichi, been horrendous up until Monday but cooled down a little where it was bearable. On the weekend I was sitting in a pastic chair in the shade in the back yard wearing old clothes and splashing myself with tank water. It did bring my body temp down, but don't like it that hot especially with the humidity. Just so glad my bedroom is aiconditioned so at least at night I can escape for a while. Seems the weather lately is topsy turvy with it being hotter in Victoria than it is in Queensland. Keep cool. Hugs.
Jan 14, 2018
That's lovely! All animals, however wild or fierce, not just the human ones, can give and receive love and tenderness.
Jan 7, 2018
A little smooching going on! They are so cute!
Jan 2, 2018
The ttitle says wild lynx. They look awfully sweet and loving and not very wild. Looks can sure be deceiving.

God bless you all.
Jan 2, 2018
We had a family of 7 (Mom & 6 kits) visit on the porch of a house on the Hillside this summer. They just played around on the porch and in the yard, then went wandering down the road. Came back twice. Sure wish it had been my porch!
Jan 3, 2018
Yeah - Were you going to feed them all?
Jan 2, 2018
Looks pretty kittenish to me!
Jan 2, 2018
Much harder than it looked!!
Jan 2, 2018
Happy New Year and many blessings to all puzzle lovers! I am requesting prayers for my daughter. At the end of next week she is having surgery. She is still young and I want to protect her privacy. Her father is flying up to be there. It's not best way to start off the new year but at least we are getting it out of the way for a brand new 2018.
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