White Star Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle for adults or kids of a star white star on a blue background. The American flag has 50 white stars which represent each states that makes up the nation.


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Nov 11, 2016
Thanks, Team, for honoring our veterans.
Nov 11, 2016
Much harder than I first thought
Nov 11, 2016
Happy Veteran Day to all the Veterans. Than you for your for your service
Nov 11, 2016
Didn't care for this puzzle. I know it has to do with Veterans Day which I do support. I donate money to the vets all the time.
Nov 11, 2016
Knew it was going to be difficult, buthad to solve it anyway--a sobering reminder of our debts to the military
Nov 11, 2016
Another reminder of those who served and died under our flag for our freedom.

These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor - and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror. Michael N. Castle

137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of America's* most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed - it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy. Doc Hastings

*and Australia and many other countries.

Very warm again today, going through a bit of a heat wave here this past couple of weeks. It is so nice to get into my air-conditioned bedroom at night. God bless - hugs.