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Free jigsaw of a white hammock hanging between two palm trees.

whitehammockbeachpalm treesand

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Aug 9, 2016
I've been in a hammock. You have to becareful getting in and out.
Aug 12, 2017
I will second that ok when you are younger and not to good when one gets older we soon learn we are not as agile when we get older.
Feb 21, 2014
Love this puzzle! Can't wait til I am in the yard hanging out in the sun! Spring is coming! Not soon enough but it is coming!
Mar 3, 2012
Do I love this puzzle? You bet I do! I want to jump into the picture!
Mar 4, 2013
Come on in with us!
Mar 5, 2013
I'm right there too!
Mar 16, 2013
I'll just stand and watch as you all fall out of the hammock!
Mar 17, 2013
Taffi, you would be a funny girl!
Mar 18, 2013
Taffi where is your sense of adventure...practice makes better...no such thing as perfect! Lol
Mar 18, 2013
When I got depression, my sense of adventure left. But I am OK with high places! Low self esteem, ergo, I don't believe I'd be able to do it so stay away. Simple!
Mar 18, 2013
I am sorry you have that condition I hope you feel better soon. I have deep fear of high places...but I did look down from the top of the Empire State Bldg. In NY and quickly went back to the table in the cafeteria at the top. Didn't mean to push you...have a good time doing the puzzles!
Mar 19, 2013
I had a problem with the world trade towers. Now I am glad that I did do it even if it was scary for me.
Jan 20, 2013
Wowie, I'm going to crawl in that hammock and take a nap. Zzzzzzzz
Mar 4, 2013
Exactly what I have in mind!
Jan 21, 2013
I wish