Watercolor Weave Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzles for free online of a colorful watercolor weave. Watercolor squares merge to create a woven appearance in the painting.


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Mar 22, 2017
Love the colors
Mar 20, 2017
Pretty with lots of bright colors!
Oct 1, 2015
What made me think this would be a snap???? Not sure if my old eyes will ever uncross.
Oct 1, 2015
Very difficult puzzle. Personally, I prefer more realistic puzzles (landscapes, city scenes, animals, interesting food situations, interactions between people.
Oct 3, 2015
Puzzles like this are great to do in 48 USA. You can enjoy the colors, but are focusing on the shapes of the states.
Sep 30, 2015
Well, that challenged they eyes. Am amazed I finished it. But it is beautiful!!! ~
Sep 30, 2015
I am with you on that one about the challenged on the eyes. I wasn't going to do it cause it looked crazy. But the colors dragged me in. Took me quite a while 3 hours 25 min in 520 pieces. It is very pretty. I do not know much about doing water colors but this is nice and colorful.I am finished now I can go to bed and dream of another puzzle for tomorrow.
Sep 30, 2015
Could not paint like this if my life depended on it. I did this in a small cut 'cause I knew my eyes would cross eventually.
Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015
Love the colors had to stop a couple of times to rest my eyes all in all a nice puzzle
Sep 30, 2015
Wow! My hat's off to to whoever was able to paint that with watercolors! It's not easy on the eyes though.
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