Warm Mashed Potatoes Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of freshly made mashed potatoes in a wooden bowl. The warm potatoes are topped with a sprig of dill.


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May 16, 2019
My mystery today
was easy to do I love taters any way I can get them
Jan 5, 2018
Are these really mashed potatoes - I've used a vegetable named celery root in an au gratin - they look just like potatoes.
Jun 5, 2017
A wooden bowl and a sprig of dill --- and they're not plain mashed potatoes anymore!
Feb 10, 2017
Looks sooo good
Dec 4, 2016
HI! Catching up on my e-mails, deleting a bunch. Enjoying working Jigsaw Puzzles, behind here too. Love mashed potatoes, especially homemade! Seems all my favorite foods today!! Have a blessed Sunday C4JS Puzzles and staff. Thanks for all the fun puzzles you post for us!!
Nov 24, 2016
I have an overnight mashed potato recipe that is delicious. You make them the day before, cover them, put it in the fridge and heat them in the oven the next day. Saves some work the day you want them!
Nov 23, 2016
Oh yum, my mother used to make the best mashed potatoes ever. Never could master her method.

Happiness...consists in giving, and in serving others.
- Henry Drummond

Don't waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window or break down a door. Brooke Shields.

God bless all of you. Hugs.
Nov 23, 2016
Doesn't it bug you not to be able to do your mom's recipe? My mom, aunt and grandmother could all make the most delicious kertuffleglace(potato balls)I forgot the spelling--but mine always fell apart when I boiled them.
Nov 23, 2016
I need to break down a door. Lol. Keep sending those wonderful quotes.
Nov 23, 2016
Sometimes it's not the way you make the mashed potatoes, but the type of potato you use, believe it or not. If you can get Yukon Gold potatoes, try those. They really soak up the butter and get fluffy and they're a great baking potato, too. Low glycemic index for a potato.
Nov 23, 2016
I'm making these tomorrow. Yukon golds are the best to use and it also helps to heat up the milk or cream before adding it into the bowl as you mash.
Nov 23, 2016
Go for it malko. Hugs.
Nov 23, 2016
Thanks for the tip aknan, there are so many types of potatoes these days, hard to know which one to choose. Had more people in my house yesterday than has ever been here at once. Had my car detailed and looks almost brand new, some friends dropped by to see about getting their car done and the builder came in to see about the cementing. A fun day lol. Hugs to you and R.
Nov 23, 2016
How nice to have a fun day! I'll go to a Thanksgiving afternoon dinner tomorrow - taking wine, my green bean casserole (which I don't eat), and a fresh apple pie with brandied raisins. Should be plenty of leftovers for my Dearly Beloved, who is still suffering from a cold and the broken rib. It will be good to spend time with friends. Hugs, aussie, and wish you could be here, too.
Nov 23, 2016
Me too Aknan, who knows what the future will bring :) Hugs.
Nov 23, 2016
Yukon gold? I thought the best potato was Russet. I knew someone that used to put cream cheese and sour cream in her mashed potoates. My grandmother had a recipe and there was a scant baking powder. It suppose to make them fluffy. My mom used to really small potatoes the size of a pea, marble and golfball potaotes. I'll be making Lemon Mousse Cheesecake in the next couple of days.
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