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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a funny cat. The cat has squeezed herself in between warm, woolen blankets for winter.


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Feb 3, 2020
"Peek! Bet you didn't know where I was! "
Apr 2, 2015
Cats can be pretty funny - even if they're the offspring of several generations of house cats, they still have many of the same instincts and behaviors that wild cats have. Not too long ago, I listened to a podcast on cats - they can survive in the wild (as long as they have their claws and fangs), unlike dogs.

It's pretty funny that several zoos will occasionally put large boxes into the lions' and tigers' enclosures - and, like a house cat, these large cats weighing several hundred pounds, will climb into those boxes.
Aug 26, 2019
Not limited to cats! I'm told that when I was three and having Christmas at my Grandparents home, I played for the longest time with one of the gift boxes --- not paying attention to the gifts the adults had carefully chosen!
Aug 26, 2019
Maybe he's:
playing "Hide and Seek"
cooperating with the kids --- who are "burying him"!
Apr 9, 2018
Cute. Although, the cat looks unhappy.
Apr 2, 2018
Mystery for today
Jul 2, 2017
So cute.
Oct 12, 2016
So cute!
Oct 10, 2016
I have one cat that loves to do this. Sometimes a head sticks out and other times I just see a big lump.
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