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Free online jigsaw puzzles of two golden retriever puppies. The puppies are playing outside together.


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Aug 19, 2019
Give them a stick or a ball or a squeaky toy --- and they're happy campers! Or a treat!
Mar 1, 2018
My dog never came back. All I have are 7 cats now. these pup are so cute. I love baby animals but too old to take care of dogs. can't lift only about 30 lbs. & I prefer big dogs.
Apr 29, 2018
Hi fiesty, I just saw your reply. I'm so sorry your dog never came back. I prefer big dogs too. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, and I don't think it would be fair to the dog have to live here. 7 cats! I guess they can keep you pretty busy, especially all that petting and lovin'. If you can still lift 30 lbs, I think you're doing pretty good! I have a health condition and my limit is 10lbs. I can tell if I go over by 1 pound! lol We all have our crosses to bear, don't we?
May 17, 2016
It is raining. My dog is gone again. I tried to get her to come into the house & she wouldn't..I won't worry this time. It is the 4th time she spent the night elsewhere since I got her on Nov.15
Sep 23, 2017
Fiesty, did your roaming dog return?
May 12, 2017
I love this puzzle its soooooooooooooooo cute!
Sep 23, 2015
Hey, mine tastes like chocolate and licorice! How about you?
Sep 2, 2015
Oh these are such darling little dogs. They look like golden retrievers to me.
No body has mentioned anything about the Alians in my back yard I quit seeing them for a few nights and now they're back there again. I know I sound like crazy but what on earth could they be.? I can't see them real well but long about 11:00 o'clock there they are. They make a screeching noise and dance around. Now what kind of human does that? I sure hope they don't come up here close to the house or I will die.
Does anyone know how long you can keep cake mix in the freezer? I just found one that was 2011, It's never been opened. I pitched it but I have some more. I need to get to my freezer and start cleaning it.
Have a beautiful week everyone and God bless you all..
Sep 2, 2015
I wouldn't think it would taste very good after being in freezer for 4 years. But I've eaten jam that had been canned for 7-10 years and it was good.
The aliens. How long are the there each night? Can you get someone to come over when you see them? With a camera or video camera? Has anyone checked the area in the daylight? I added comments to one of yours a few days ago, still thinking about you with all that.
Sep 16, 2015
Hi Jingles! I have been looking for you here and wondering how the situation is with thees sc aliens. You see, I saw a TV-documentery about this little flying vehicles that have become so very popular to both kids and adults. They do have bright lights and I think that the small motors they have can make a very high pitch sound. I hope this can be helpful to you in some way but I mostly hope that's all gone and that there are piece and Comfort at youre home again!! A big, big hug from ninanita!! (please tell me how its going and excuse my terrible Spelling! :b
Sep 16, 2015
I forgot: They are called DRONES!
Sep 5, 2015
2 cute little puppies
Sep 1, 2015
What adorable puppies! They look like they might grow to be too big to be my house-pet. I like them on the small side.

God bless you all
Sep 1, 2015
God bless you nlb.
Dogs need more than I can give them but I love most animals--especially baby ones.
Sep 1, 2015
I keep thinking I want to get a puppy but the 6 year old dog I have now is very needy in the attention department. She has beds all over the house so she can always be right beside me, no matter what I am doing. I will wait until she is gone before I take on another one. Mandy has been the best gift I ever gave myself and I don't want to disappoint her any more than my disabilities make me do now. Just can't pet her for hours at a time. My arms get way too tired. Love her so much!
Sep 1, 2015
I'm sure she knows that, nlb. You must talk to her all the time and I'm sure that's the most important thing to her.
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