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Jan 27, 2022
Very colorful collection of different shaped playing blocks.
Nov 23, 2021
Stepped on some of the same shapes in my bare feet in the dark.....Ouch. Had two little boys and they loved these.
Feb 4, 2021 did not block me in! Finished just in time to get my 13 yr. old kitty, Mitzi, to her appointment at the Vet. Nothing wrong...just a yearly check-up. Hope I can get her in her carrier without losing any of my limbs. =^.^=
Feb 1, 2021
A childs dream...Think of the endless things you could build with these
Feb 1, 2021
I remember them
Feb 1, 2021
Easier than I thought.
Due for a foot of snow this week. I'd rather have a few substantial snowstorms than ongoing grey days that dribble flakes constantly. There's nothing prettier than new snow when the sun comes out and everything sparkles.
Folks are out on the lake ice fishing. I doubt there'll be a fishing contest because of the COVID.
Keep warm and safe every one.
Feb 1, 2021
Nice bright colors!

You have an unlimited capacity for happiness!

Have a great day!
Feb 1, 2021
I'm with you, JAMP24!
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