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Online puzzle of a toucan bird with a vibrant beak and beautiful black feathers.


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May 17, 2017
Beautiful colors....uhgly bird
Jan 28, 2016
Wow. Did this one with the USA puzzle cut and was quite a challenge. Took me awhile but was fun!
Nov 4, 2014
Oh, I am slow, but I love these puzzles!
Jan 22, 2016
Because of my Parkinson's I don't think ANYONE is slower at these puzzles than I am.
Jan 28, 2016
Me, too. But it's the fun and relaxing that matters. Love doing these puzzles.
Jan 28, 2014
Amazing! Seems it would be really hard to carry that beak!
Dec 4, 2013
Saw these birds in the rain forest of Costa Rica- what colors!
Mar 27, 2013
I can be slow doing the puzzle, but I love the Mystery puzzle for the surprize. Wish I could see this bird up close, it is a beautiful bird.
Had alot of enjoyment w/this puzzle.
Aug 2, 2012
Who ate all the Fruit Loops?
Aug 2, 2012
What do you mean?
Nov 11, 2012
Fruit Loops is a sweetened cereal, like Cheerios, with very colorful oat rings instead of the bland one-color tan. Kids love 'em. I think zma82909 made a clever joke in asking who ate 'em because of the colorful orange beak with hints of blue and red in it -- or simply because it is so bright and colorful -- implying it is so colorful because this Toco Toucan "ate all the Fruit Loops".
Nov 14, 2012
Oh I've never heard of them before thanks!!
Jan 14, 2013
I had never heard of them either till my partner found them at our local Asda. They have a picture of a toucan on the front of the box too.
Aug 2, 2012
'Did you get my best side?!' :-)
Aug 2, 2012
Haha good one!! :)
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