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Free puzzle of the historic Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo in San Antonio, Texas. The Catholic mission has been restored and is now part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

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May 1, 2018
Would love to see this.
Mar 25, 2015
Aug 15, 2014
Love it!
Jan 31, 2013
The Indian slaves did a great job of building those churches.....
Jan 31, 2013
When you consider all the extreme hard work they would have had to do, and what they put up with, its a tribute to them
Feb 1, 2013
1 Feb: Oh, yes tnjranch - like so many buildings in so many countries, built on "blood, sweat and tears". Not necessarily referring to this one as I don't know its history, of course; just a general observation
Feb 6, 2013
They are beautiful no matter who built them.
Aug 25, 2013
Yes they are.
May 14, 2013
I love spanish style architecture.
Apr 20, 2013
I'd love to spend some time in San Antonio also.
Now, about that restoration business on me, I'm not sure I could even afford to get an estimate let alone get the job done!
Jan 31, 2013
I have always wanted to travel to Texas...maybe one day!!
Jan 31, 2013
There's a wonderful National Park in southwest Texas--Big Bend. I hear the drug traffickers have taken it over but if that isn't so I'd recommend it. It's far away from all the big cities though. About 3 hours from El Paso going southeast and maybe a bit more from San Antonio going southwest.
El Paso is sooo hot and doesn't have much to see so I'd recommend the San Antonio trek if you go--and I hope you do some day.
Feb 5, 2013
Thanks pixipixil! One never knows...we may meet in TX, I've heard a lot of good things about San Antonio! We never know where God will direct our paths!!!!!!
Feb 1, 2013
My family lived in Texas when my father was stationed there during wwii. It was before the days of widespread air conditioning. The summer heat was unbearable. However, we had many nice experiences and met lifelong friends.
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