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Aug 6, 2019
Nice puzzle!
Jul 23, 2019
I might use this size cup for cocoa, but too large for coffee in my opinion, as I use a china cup that most people use for tea. Just my preference.
Jul 23, 2019
I have a full set of these dishes. The cup looks much larger in the photo than it actually is and is perfect for coffee.
Jul 23, 2019
I don't drink coffee. Tea is my choice of hot drink or hot chocolate lol I don't use a china cup for tea but use a mug. Yes, a mug :)
Jul 26, 2019
I am the same way. Zero coffee (do not like the taste of it), but lots of tea in a mug. ;-)
Jul 23, 2019
I used to have a coffee mug like this, not sure what happened to it.

What is joy—a sunbeam between two clouds. ~Dorothée de Luzy (1747–1830)

Real happiness is not of temporary enjoyment, but is so interwoven with the future that it blesses for ever. ~James Lendall Basford (1845–1915), Sparks from the Philosopher's Stone, 1882

Take care and God bless. Hugs.
Jul 25, 2019
Jul 23, 2019
What fun to find this puzzle! I have twelve place settings of this pattern which I am still using after twenty years..
Jul 23, 2019
This would wake you up in the morning. Also you would never lose it!

Amazing! You hang something in the closet for a while and it shrinks two sizes!
Jul 23, 2019
I have the same closet!
Jul 23, 2019
I can really relate to your closet quote!
Jul 23, 2019
That's the type of cup I like, need something that well wake me up! I like bright colors! Red is my favorite color!
Jul 23, 2019
Interesting. I would not choose it for my kitchen ware.
Jul 23, 2019
Reminds me of the old terrazzo flooring.
Jul 23, 2019
I wouldn't usually be attracted to modern design, but this is appealing.