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Apr 6, 2022
I think I was on that train. Maybe a different train, but the same track --- in 1969.
Apr 4, 2022
Looks like a FUN ride!!!!!
Apr 4, 2022
What a cool looking train. I would love to ride it over that bridge and through that beautiful country. Did you have any April Fool jokes pulled on you? On a talk show I watched one of the host pulled one on the other host. She said she had found this tool to shape his eyebrows. Then she had this mirror for him to look into but it was some kind of weird mirror that when he looked into it it made it look like he didn't have any eyebrows. He was freaking out and then she said April Fool's. It was pretty funny.
Apr 1, 2022
That looks so much fun
Apr 1, 2022
Is that the track for the Hogwart's train? :)
Mar 31, 2022
Nice puzzle to do.

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