Sugar Candy Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of colorful candy. The sweet treats are rolled in sugar.


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Aug 23, 2018
Too much sugar!!
Aug 16, 2018
Oh my gosh..all this sugar gave me a headache and a major sugar high. Not an easy puzzle...had me going around in circles!
Aug 15, 2018
Too suggery for me. Took a longer time than I thought. I even used a dark background.
Aug 16, 2018
I agree with you, went the wrong way...will probably redo it one of these days. We have rain showing up most of the 9-day forecast, & if they are like yesterday (5" ) of rain this may the rainiest year in Aug in our history!
It's normally one of our dryer months. At least we aren't having to water the grass, just cut it & it needs it again but we haven't hardly had to water this summer.
Aug 16, 2018
A bit easier than I thought.
Doesn't appeal to me. Give me chocolate anytime!
Aug 16, 2018
Took me longer than usual to get my 5 seconds on the 6 piece classic cut. Kinda shaky for a couple of days. Took a bad fall on Friday. Bruised my hip and shoulder, twisted my ankle and the straps on my Burks cut a flap of skin nearly off my instep, and somehow two round places on the sole of my foot, about the size of a dime each, were raw and red. Bandaged the first two days then applied super glue to the edges of the flap to stay in place and let the air dry out everything. Sore as all get out, and I'm a limping lump of aches and pains, but still -- gotta keep on going. And I'm very grateful that I didn't hit my head on the stoop.
Aug 16, 2018
Those of you with diabetes can relate, when I tell you that I felt myself slipping into a coma while doing this one! lol Not really, but it was a lot of fun, playing with the colors.
Aug 16, 2018
I think I gained a couple of pounds just doing this one. I love candy but try not to keep it around. once I start I cannot stop
Aug 16, 2018
Really pretty colors, but looking at all that sugar just about makes my teeth hurt lol!! ;-D. Just got another weather advisory only it's because of all the smoke from fires in Nor Cal and from here in Oregon. It's in effect for the next 2 days, advises everyone to stay inside especially anyone with breathing problems. You all be safe.
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