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Jigsaw puzzle of red and white Christmas candy. The candies are round and striped.


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Aug 16, 2014
My sister that died this year in the nursing home
as long as she was able would go up and down the halls giving out peppermints and singing little songs
her daughter would buy her big cans so she could share
Aug 4, 2014
That was a bit hard! Sugar coated hard boiled and minty - that rub your tongue raw - but taste oh so nice!
Jul 2, 2014
Jul 25, 2013
Dec 22, 2012
Almost made me blind doing this one, but I finished it!! Merry Christmas everyone!
Dec 22, 2012
It was a difficult puzzle. Took me over an hour to do it in hexagon. But I am bullheaded and deteremined. To finish.
Jan 24, 2013
Hey this one almost made me blind too. It took me a lot longer to work. Then most of them.
Dec 20, 2012
Used to have these as a child. They're a lot softer than candy canes. Glad I have this to do today. We're in the middle of a blizzard :(
Dec 20, 2012
I heard the forecast for the northeastern states to get hit with a big snow storm, sounds like they were right! Sorry iawoman1, glad you can pass the time doing puzzles! :S
Dec 20, 2012
You poor gals...I am in Acapulco enjoying the sun and the beach...but I find the time to do my puzzles!!!!!
Dec 21, 2012
I hope you are okay!
Jan 4, 2013
Where in Iowa are you? I have a dear friend in Harlan/Kirkman area...
Jan 24, 2013
Aren't you the lucky one? I envy you. Soak up some sun for me. It's very cold where I live.
Jan 24, 2013
Iawoman1....Your in the middle of a blizzard?? Where do you live? We haven't had a blizzard yet but some very cold weather down in the single digits. Puzzles are fun to work when you're all shut in. Stay warm.
Dec 22, 2012
Love the soft peppermints!
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