Statue of Liberty Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of the Statue of Liberty standing with her torch on Liberty Island.

Statue of LibertyfamousNew YorkUnited States

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Jan 8, 2021
Lady Liberty
May 16, 2016
Beautiful. Saw this when we were at the World Trade Center a few weeks ago. My grandfather had to go thru Ellis Island when he came over from Sweden. Would love to see it. On my bucket list--hope I get to do it while I can.
Jul 2, 2016
The World Trade Center? Maybe the memorial - those are the two buildings that were destroyed in the 911 attacks. One of my neighbors is a pilot and he was schedule to fly one of those planes. He switched at the last moment with a colleague. He was suppose to fly the plane that crashed in PA that day. My neighbor said he was so crushed when he learned the news - they went to flight school together.
Jul 3, 2016
That tragedy happened two days after I moved in here, still like yesterday and almost 15 years ago. Hugs.
Jul 3, 2016
I can still recall that am when it happened. Arrived at work and was informed that there was a hijacking. Then was told that there was another plane. I said to the receptionist "This isn't a coincidence - this is terrorism. Worked in an architects office and the boss who went to school asked another co- worker how the buildings melted. This co worker told me about this bosses comment and said omg he (boss) should know.
Jul 3, 2016
For some reason I still say "World Trade Center". It was the memorial and very impressive. Last time I saw it was when it was "raw" ground and they were working there.However, it does seem like yesterday! So awful and this country is not much better now.
Dec 16, 2014
God bless America.
Oct 20, 2013
Even with all of its flaws (who said life is perfect? ), the U.S. is my home and it is definitely the best place to be! God bless America!
May 8, 2014
Sep 2, 2014
Yes 100% I agree.
Jul 3, 2014
You have to love this puzzle! She welcomes all to the US!
Jun 30, 2014
I lived in NJ 25 years and never took the time to visit this statue.
Liberty and justice for all.
I would not trade USA for any other country.
May 8, 2014
She is so Beautiful! this is one place I have been so many years ago when I lived in New York!
Sep 16, 2013
God bless America; nice puzzle did not do it on same day but fun to go back to it after you save it
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