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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of a squirrel in the winter. The squirrel is peering out from the crook of the tree.


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Jan 2, 2018
Now, where did I leave those acorns?????
Jun 15, 2017
Oh my, a bad hair day!!!
Jan 3, 2017
Cute little guy or gal
Dec 27, 2016
Either bushy tail or frozen tail??
Jul 22, 2016
Cute little thing They always look so alert and tens never seem to relax
Nov 30, 2015
Did as a mystery
Nov 20, 2015
He is so cute. Squirrels are very destructive, though. My daughter had one that would chew up their outside Christmas lights over and over again! Chewed right through the cords. Surprised he didn't electrocute himself. They also love to tease dogs. LOL!!
Nov 20, 2015
I wonder why they would chew through things like electrical cords. Perhaps it's to keep their teeth sharp or they think there might be something edible inside and they have a serious copper deficiency.
Nov 23, 2015
Silly critters!!
Nov 23, 2015
Squirrels chew on anything. A couple of years ago a squirrel got into an electrical box at the college my husband works for and blacked out the whole college, frying himself in the process. The college campus had to shut down for the rest of the day. Unfortunately it happened in the morning.
Nov 22, 2015
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