Spices Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of a variety of spices in a pattern. The spices are different textures.


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Dec 7, 2020
I'm not a spice girl....can't sing either.
May 20, 2018
Had to read about it in order to know what it was since it was a mystery one. Not easy!
Sep 16, 2015
I'll bet that the smell of those spices is really nice
Sep 5, 2014
An easy, colorful, no-brainer puzzle before going to bed. Don't know the names of any of the spices and I've probably never used them either. Not a cook and too old to care. :}
Sep 5, 2014
I have cooked a lot
worked in a school cafeteria for 20 yrs.
use to have a lot of family dinners and did most of the cooking
when we get together now everybody brings something
I don't cook much now
not able to
May 12, 2014
I love spices:) I cook with lovely spices:) I can only take mild spices and salsas! beautiful puzzle:)
Mar 16, 2013
I love spices but not to hot. That was a lovely puzzle!
Thanks c4j
Jan 30, 2013
I'm not sure why but I have enjoyed this puzzle
a lot. Trying it out in different cuts and enjoy
it in all. Not setting good scores but that's
not as important as enjoying myself. Many thanks.
Mar 16, 2013
I agree with you fully!!!!!!!!!
Jan 30, 2013
And then there's me, who's very reactive to spicy spices, anything with a bite or anything that's well seasoned. Yeah, I know...booooring!

Fun puzzle though.
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