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Free puzzle online of a snail with a brown shell crawling along green leaves. The coiled shell is large enough for the snail to completely retract into.


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Mar 4, 2019
Pretty snails.
Aug 26, 2013
I don't like snails, slugs, lizards, grasshoppers, spiders and especially snakes. Ugh to all of them. I did finish puzzle though.
Sep 5, 2014
Yup, hockeyfan, I managed to hang in there also. I agree with you on all of those nasty critters! I'm getting better now, but I was really woozy there for awhile.
Jun 7, 2014
Still cute!
May 24, 2014
Cute little guy/girl!
Feb 1, 2013
Pretty little shell but please stay out of my plants.
Aug 26, 2013
Mine too!
Feb 19, 2013
This little guy is so cool! I love the little snail trails they leave. I know they are bad for gardens, but this one looks like he is happy on some crab grass..of course I love lizzards too and spiders too so consider the source.
Feb 3, 2013
And to think some people eat these, must say not my scene.
Feb 1, 2013
Fine in a puzzle, but I don't care to meet him!
Feb 1, 2013
My feelings to, even hard to look at when you do the puzzle
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