Shell Beach Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of shells on Shell Beach in Shark Bay in Western Australia. The beach is made entirely out of shells.


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Mar 13, 2016
Never seen a beach covered with shells like that. Can't walk barefooted on those!
Feb 4, 2016
Wow! Not nice to walk on, but so beautiful. I'd be just sitting there digging through the shells.
Mar 3, 2015
Still love it
Feb 3, 2015
Kinda easy to do
reminds me of when I was a child and we went to the beach
Nov 15, 2014
I love it
Nov 14, 2014
Oct 15, 2014
Those are a lot of shells covering that beach.
Jul 8, 2014
Hi, everyone I am home again after alovely restful holiday, just one fly in the ointment......the ulcer has broken down and is now 3 times as big as is it was when I arrived on the islane. The nurses were wonderful and could not have done anything better to help, the ulcer as a mind of it"s own and it just does not want to be banished. I am so depressed about it.........saw the surgeon yesterday and he was as bad as me, one day it will be gone, but, when will that day be. Prayers please! God bless
Jul 8, 2014
Barbaranne, My prayers are with you. Won't medication take care of it? I'm not familiar with the situation. What makes it grow? I don't mean to pry but I think I have an ulcer and I'm just interested.
Jul 8, 2014
Praying Barbaranne!
Jul 8, 2014
Welcome back, Barbaranne. So sorry to hear about that ulcer. Will pray for it to shrink and disappear.
Jul 8, 2014
Prayers are on there way!
Jul 8, 2014
Oh my goodness!!!! Ulcers are no fun!! I hope and pray that it goes away soon and never comes back.
Jul 9, 2014
Barbaranne, I'm so sorry to hear this news. Don't you just want to go back on that island and forget about all this? :) I know I would! I'll keep you in my prayers that the ulcer will go away completely and quickly and prove that miracles DO exist! My nerve pain that was supposed to go away after my surgery is back full force again, so I understand how it feels to wait for a cure...
Jul 9, 2014
Hi Barberanne, I was wondering where you were, I am also back from my trip with my friend Celia, the gold coast was beautiful sunny but a cooool breeze, my poor friend got Bronchitis while we were away and the first doctor we saw was a bit slow in giving her Antibiotic;s and it wasn't till we went to a 2nd doctor a few days later that she got some and they helped a great deal, but it was towards the end of our holiday and I have to admire her for keeping going.
Sorry to hear about your ulcer breaking out again, we had a relation with one that wouldn't heal and the district nurse suggested putting MANUKA honey on it and it helped a great deal.Manuka honey is a New zealand product not too sure if you can get it elsewhere.Hugs
Jul 9, 2014
My prayers are on there way, you will try almost anything, but like most things they seem to go in there own time. God Bless and as the saying goes in Yorkshire keep a stiff upper
Jul 9, 2014
An ulcer is a sore that refuses to heal Jingles if you think you have one than avisit to the doc or practice nurse as soon as possible for the sooner that action is taken the better, mine as been around 9yrs now and started with a midge bite, mostly caused by a bang. Medication is fine for the pain but dressings by a professional is needed.

Thank you all for your prayers I do appreciate them

God bless you all and keep you safe.
Jul 10, 2014
Slippers, The nurses have been using Manuka honey for a long time but we seem to get nowhere except very sticky. It is freely available in the British Isles but soooo expensive 14 a small jar in the health shops!!!
Jul 10, 2014
Poor you, I didn't know that you had suffered with it for so long you must be at your wit's end with it, I don't suppose a paddle in the sea would be of any help, I dare say after that length of time you have tried everything possible.Manuka honey is also exspensive here and we grow the Manuka tree/// Thank goodness we have this puzzle site to take our minds off things while we travel the world.
Jul 14, 2014
Hi Barbaranne, Iam so sorry to hear about your ulcer, I had a large tear on my arm that was very hard to treat and to heal and when I was in hospital before Christmas one young nurse used a dressing that stays on for a week or more and didnt tear my skin when changed. It is called MEPILEX BORDER and is amazing. It is very expensive but two dressings and 2 weeks my wound was starting to heal, actually about 3/4 healed. You have probably heard about it but, I just had to let you know in case you haven't.
It was amazing. I hope you heal soon I will say a prayer for you.
Jul 16, 2014
Ichibanvic1 thank you for your imput. I had Mepilex border on my leg and whend it was removed it took the skin with it, my skin is so thin and delicate on the shin that I can not have anything with sticky on it. I have to agree that the healing properties were very good. I have not seen your name before and I do hope that you will remain with us on this site God bless you.
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