Seedlings Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle to play for free online of small seedlings growing in white pots. The seedlings will eventually be planted outside.


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Dec 23, 2017
Very healthy seedlings!
Jun 21, 2016
Pepper plants?
Apr 27, 2015
Looks like pepper to me
Nov 9, 2015
That's what I think, too. And did it as a mystery.
Sep 27, 2014
I did it as mystery also
Sep 24, 2014
Wow! Very hard mystery puzzle. Couldn't figure out what it might be!
Jul 2, 2014
This was a killer of a puzzle! Took me forever, at least 25 minutes longer than usual and I usually finish in under 30 minutes!
Jan 22, 2014
The problem with doing random puzzles is that the conversation is outdated. My first thought was that these might be peppers, but with all the bean discussion from last year, that's probably what they are.
Mar 30, 2013
Happy Easter to everyone.
Mar 30, 2013
And to you, netta - how ya doin"? :-D
Mar 30, 2013
Hi Jiggler, haven't forgotten you. The computer was sick for a few days, so really got behind in all I need to do. Hope you are well and that the weather is being kind to you. God bless and Happy Easter.
Mar 31, 2013
Hi, Aussie - isn't it maddening when computers mutiny? I can quite understand how someone might be tempted to pick theirs up and chuck it out of the window :-)) (but too darned expensive to replace - and hard to explain to the insurance company! ) Happy Easter to you too!
Apr 3, 2013
Doin' fine thanks, jiggler. You too?
Apr 13, 2013
Hi, netta -yes, doing great. Just been having the outside of my house painted so I'm all nice and weatherproof now!! And the peace and quiet is wonderful - the guys did a great job, but why oh why do they have to have their radio so loud - and on the stations I hate?????
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