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Free jigsaw puzzle online of the back of a yellow school bus. The bus will take students to school.


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Aug 4, 2021
Drove school bus for 24 years. Don't miss it in the least. Do miss doing the Driver Training though.
Nov 13, 2018
Again as a mystery
still fun to do
Nov 5, 2018
I did it again this time as a mystery
a fun one to do
Sep 15, 2017
Two weeks school holidays began today. Then the big one is Christmas which is our summer holidays - about six weeks.

What Did He Do To You?

A bent-over old lady hobbled into a doctor's office. Within minutes, she came out again but miraculously, she was standing up as straight as could be.

A man in the waiting room, who had been watching her, said in amazement, "My goodness, what did the doctor do to you? "

The old lady replied, "He gave me a longer cane."

Good night and God bless. Hugs.
Sep 15, 2017
Loved the story, AS. Glad to be back in touch with everyone on C4JS.I drove one of these for 5 1/2 years. Especially enjoyed taking the Kindergarten kids home. I would wear funny hats and tell them poems like:
"I know an old woman who swallowed a fly..." They loved that one.We would sing songs. They would tell me all about their families - even things they shouldn't be telling. lol
Sep 15, 2017
Good to have you back PW. Hugs.
Sep 16, 2017
I don't know why she swallowed a fly! OK, get that out of your head now :) Love the story, aussie. And PW, been missing your puns. Welcome back! Hugs to both of you!
Sep 16, 2017
PW, sounds like those kids were like the one on the old Art Linkletter show. Remember them? Always saying thing about their families.
Oct 7, 2017
It is good to be back - Again. Was having problems with my computer, then with my sciatic nerve, followed with a fall 10 feet onto concrete. Other than that I have been doing fine.
Sep 16, 2017
No school here until Monday because of Irma. Had no damage to house. Puzzle not too hard.
Sep 15, 2017
The wheels on the bus go round and round....
Sep 15, 2017
I live a block away from two schools. One an elementary school and the other a middle school. During the school year I can never get onto my block because of all of the Mommy's (or Daddy's) picking up their kids. Traffic terrible...and my blood pressure goes up several degrees before I pull into my summer vacation!!!
Sep 15, 2017
I have buses from 3 different districts turn around on the corner where I live. Less kids in our schools, so the routes are lomger. Some kids ride 1 1/2 hours.
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