Scholarly Guinea Pig Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Cute guinea pig reading a book jigsaw puzzle.

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Feb 20, 2014
How very handsome! Do guinea pigs eat dandelion greens? My son raised white rats (they really aren't that bad--except for the long naked tails). Anyhow, I was trying to remember what we fed them? Rats can't handle very high or very low temperatures so their cage had to be inside the house. They were messy and threw stuff out of the cage all over everywhere. So we put their huge wire cage in the bathtub during hot or freezing weather. It was easy to clean up and I could sterilize the tub easily. What we go through raising a son, eh? Wonderful days-- in retrospect! LOL
Aug 29, 2015
You are a much better mom than me. I would not have let me son have rats!!!
Oct 29, 2013
Really too cute!
Jul 6, 2013
Love his colors, he has beautiful markings.
Nov 27, 2012
Very cute!
Sep 26, 2012
What a sweet tri-colored guinea pig!