Rose Quartz Gemstones Jigsaw Puzzle

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Nov 29, 2021
Soft lovely, used 48 Square.
Nov 2, 2021
Very pretty gemstones.
Oct 20, 2021
Gorgeous stones!!!!!!
Oct 19, 2021
Not much fun this season so far. We are several weeks into fall and some autumn scenes would be nice. Tired of all the abstract
Oct 20, 2021
Hi jfleenor. Whenever I want to do a puzzle of a certain kind I put my choice in the search bar right under the log-in box. Maybe that could work for you.
Oct 19, 2021
Beautiful rose quartz --- and a fun puzzle!
Oct 19, 2021
Very pretty. Couldn't get puzzles this morning but have an icon on my desktop so could send a note. They had some trouble but fixed now. Love this site.

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed".
Coreta Kent
Hope you are having a great day.
Oct 19, 2021
I enjoyed working this puzzle. I have seen this particular gemstone in some diamond rings and in person, it is very beautiful. Thank you for exciting jigsaw puzzle today.
Oct 19, 2021
Pretty stones