Rolling Pin Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw of a rolling pin with flour and eggs in the kitchen.

rolling pinfoodflourbake

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Jul 16, 2014
Had a baking day with the granddaughter - always good fun! School hols here in NZ
Nov 24, 2012
My favourite hobby apart from the jigsaws, this will be me on Wednesday the big bake making Xmas cakes for presents for Xmas, a wee bit late this year as I normally bake them in July to mature will have to add a drop more spirit in them.
Nov 24, 2012
Wow! Cannot imagine Santa being late getting started but it really has been that kind of year! :)
Dec 9, 2012
I think every one has a slow day sometime. But you find Santa always gets there time.
Nov 24, 2012
That is a hard one to do as a mystery jigsaw but I did get it done without quiting! Thanks!
Oct 24, 2012
Memories of happy days gone by. Used to love rolling out pie dough - I don't know why but pie crust tasted so much better then. But after 76 years I still enjoy pies though very rarely.!! Darn!!
Aug 23, 2011
I love to cook