Rock Candy Sticks Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Nov 28, 2018
Fun to look at, but too much sugar to eat.
Nov 26, 2018
Love the colors, not the sugar!! :)
Nov 26, 2018
I like watching the crystals form to make rock candy but never really acquired a taste for it.

So glad to have finally caught up after being gone for 3 days.

God bless you all.
Nov 26, 2018
Glad you're back!
Nov 26, 2018
Finally some bright colors to do. I loved making rock candy but now with the kids grown and gone, to sweet! I agree with most the rest of you way to much sugar. Isn't it interesting when we were young we ate so much good stuff and now we are older we loose the taste for all that sweet stuff or a least most of it. I love chocolate but now only a little goes a long way! But it is a healthier way. It is snowing now and we are going to get 5" over night. We only have 30 days to be in it as we are going to be heading south. Can't wait. We go to Alabama and love it there. We are from Michigan. Well now going to do the other colorful puzzle for the day. Have a wonderful evening and glad to read most had a good Thanksgiving!
Nov 26, 2018
I agree with Elija13...Way too much sugar....Fun puzzle
Nov 25, 2018
I would have to be boulder than I am now to try to bite into rock candy.
Nov 26, 2018
Too punny.....!!!
Nov 25, 2018
Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! No thanks.
Nov 25, 2018
Good morning to all my fellow puzzlers. It started snowing Thanksgiving afternoon, has stopped now, but is cold. Such bright colors, but way too much sugar for me. Be safe.