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Jigsaw puzzle online of the famous painting Road Workers. The painted was done by Vincent Willem van Gogh.

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Apr 8, 2018
I love sycamores. While I would have liked "cleaner" (less of a sepia overlay) colors, this painting captures what it feels like to be walking amid a canopy of these trees. You can feel how huge they are. They almost have personalities. Maybe Disney got his ideas from looking at V.G.
Nov 12, 2015
I generally love Van Gogh's paintings, but, I'm not familiar with this painting. There has been several movies about Van Gogh, including "Lust For Life" with Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn. People are still debating about how he viewed the world, did he have poisoning from using his mouth to shape his brushes, from drinking absinthe, emotional issues, etc. There's still debate on whether or not he killed himself or if some young boys accidentally shot him. He definitely had some severe mental issues - not too many people cut off part of their ear.

While living, he couldn't sell his paintings. Today, they sell for millions. I've been the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. There's an abundance of work on display there.
Apr 8, 2018
Hi Jamie. I have seen several exhibits of his but never got to Europe to see the "mother lode." I have calendar prints of his irises and several books on him. I don't usually like portraits but the one he did of the man in a straw hat is one of my favorites. The ear incident is the most notorious but long before absinthe and Paris he was doing crazy stuff like holding his hand in a candle flame to try and convince his cousin (I think) to marry him. He was way too intense and sincere for the people around him.
Jun 2, 2017
Not an easy puzzle, especially as a Mystery! I walked away from it and forgot to hit Pause!
Nov 25, 2016
Can't decide whether I like it or not. Not a favorite painting of mine.
Dec 22, 2015
Looks like 4 or 5 road workers to me.
Nov 11, 2015
Quite an interesting painting that I do not remember ever having seen before. The reason for the title is a mystery, though. Only one person in the painting might possibly be working on the road. But it was a fun puzzle with a variety of patterns.
Nov 7, 2015
I forgot about my internet provider going out of business on Friday. I think they were bought out by Sprint, but don't provide the same service. I need to call Google on Monday to get them set up.
Nov 7, 2015
Good luck with that.
Nov 8, 2015
Thanks! They're sending a kit for me to set up my connection. That way, I can get it set up a lot quicker than waiting for Google to come by.
Nov 8, 2015
I like Vincent Willem Van Gogh Paintings:) Tricky but fun:)
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