Rice Terraces Jigsaw Puzzle

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Mar 13, 2021
Nice photo.
Mar 13, 2021
I love the layers of mountains --- and the terraces.
I don't expect to see this "up close and personal" ---- so thanks, C4J!!
Mar 13, 2021
The rice paddies of Japan are so pretty but smell so bad
Mar 13, 2021
Enjoyed doing this puzzle. Not too hard. Never have seen a rice paddy.

I've learned that the easiest way to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am.

Have a great day.
Mar 13, 2021
Elijah, that is a wise and beautiful thought for the day. It takes some humility to implement.
Mar 13, 2021
I have found that the majority of people are much smarter than me!! Blessings, elijah13!
Mar 13, 2021
My husband saw a lot of these in Southeast Asia when he was in the Vietnam war. He still tells us how big the "rice bugs" were, about 5-6 inches and flew! He likes to tell us about them because we always go, " EWWWWWW! ". Well, I have made it to 72, and that just does not compute!! But I will take it! Having dinner with one of my daughters and granddaughters. Have a lovely almost-Spring day and may blessings be the only thing that rains on you today!
Mar 13, 2021
Good morning friends
we have had some beautiful weather this week
got to do my mystery for today
Mar 13, 2021
Unusual and remarkable, but enjoyed the photo. Thank for sharing.
Mar 13, 2021
So beautiful The Japanese seem incapable of doing anything that isn't. The poorer streets here we would find cluttered and slummy are so wonderfully designed in Japan they don't seem unkempt or crowded at all.
It is so sad our Asian citizens are being attacked. I have great admiration for them and they had nothing to do with this awful virus. What is wrong with people? So many people seem filled with anger and are looking for any excuse to express it. I come across such vitriol on many sites that allow comments. There's always somebody being cruel. We watch Jeopardy and really wish they would just pick a host instead of having guests. I was sad to see them start using people already prominent from other areas. I'd like to see one of the contestants or some other newbie get a chance. And I don't particularly like Katie Couric--mostly because her voice is so like my neighbor's who seems to need an audience for everything she does so I have to hear her voice constantly when I am outside. Unfortunately Couric and my neighbor sound alike. But that is off the point. Others ripped her apart and she is doing a fine job although I will be glad when her run is over.
Hoping you can find a way to avoid those constant annoyances that wear one out.