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Jigsaw puzzle of a stylish room at a tropical resort. The bedroom opens up to the pool.


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Mar 6, 2020
Love the room décor. Nice pool and deck chairs outside.
Feb 12, 2017
I wouldn't want to live with this full-time, but a week or two would be nice!
Feb 13, 2016
Pretty. not my style.
Jan 29, 2016
The lap of luxury
Jan 1, 2016
What kind of a desk is that? It can't be for writing ---- and it wouldn't make a good dressing table. ???
Nov 7, 2015
Very different would love a pool that close
Nov 6, 2015
Lovely room but I wonder what that thing is on the bed.
Nov 7, 2015
The big white thing is the towels and wash cloths folded like swans - don't know what the other thing is.
Nov 7, 2015
Thanks, Karen, I could not figure it out. Now I get it.
Nov 6, 2015
Not a good room for a sleep walker who can't swim......And how does it take to lean how to fold the towels/wash clothes on the bed?? It is a lovely room. Thanks C4J team.
Nov 7, 2015
I had to zoom all the way in to figure out that was the towels and wash cloths folded like swans - lol! Not quite sure what the mustard yellow things are behind the swans.
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