Reindeer Ornament Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of a cute fuzzy reindeer ornament. The reindeer is hanging on the Christmas tree.


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Oct 4, 2023
It's interesting to read the comments from 2018. What a different world we had then. Halloween disappeared with the pandemic. Family gatherings became non existent or evolved into Zoom meetings. People are getting together more now but the dangers are still there. The pandemic world was very sad.
Oct 24, 2018
Love the scenes we get around at xmas time and the children getting there list out for Santa. but first is halloween what joy it is for the children coming around with there fancy dress and wishing you all a happy halloween. santa will soon be coming and looking out for you all putting a drink out for RUDOLPH AND MAYBE A CARROT. merry xmaS TO ALL, HOPE SANTA IS GOOD TO YOU.
Dec 24, 2017
Interesting fact about reindeer!
Dec 18, 2017
I hope this tiny reindeer doesn't blow her horn in the middle of the night and wake everybody up.
Dec 18, 2017
Before anyone says something about me referring to the reindeer with horns as she, The reindeer is the only one of the deer family where the females grow horns and have them during the winter.
Dec 18, 2017
Male? Female? On the horns of a dilemma!
Dec 19, 2017
Point well taken, Jamp.
Dec 18, 2017
Such a cute puzzle.
Dec 19, 2017
Hmmm- sorry Parson, but Wiki contradicts ya--

"Antlers begin to grow on male reindeer in March or April and on female reindeer in May or June. This process is called antlerogenesis. Antlers grow very quickly every year on the males. As the antler grows it is covered in thick velvet, filled with blood vessels and spongy in texture. The antler velvet of the barren-ground............"
Dec 18, 2017
Happy little deer.

When you consider Christmas, there are four stages in your life:-
1) You believe in Santa
2) You don't believe in Santa
3) You are Santa
4) You look like Santa

Take care and God bless. Hugs.
Dec 18, 2017
Had a really good laugh this morning thanks to to you Aussie and Parson Wayne. Thank you, such a good way to start the day ;-D, even tho I woke Ed. He just laughed and went back to sleep. Good thing he is easy going most of the time.You both be safe.
Dec 18, 2017
Glad it made you laugh and what a great husband you have. Perhaps you could rent him out to those who haven't got such a good man lol. At least it could help you pay for your medical expenses hehehe (sorry, the devil made me say that!! ).

Lots of love and hugs to both of you.
Dec 19, 2017
My hubby is a natural Santa! He has children staring wide-eyed at him all year long. He plays right along and asks if they're being good and listening to their parents. He's such a sweet, gentle, soft-spoken man so he doesn't scare the kids away. He wears his suit sometimes in December and goes around giving out candy canes and delivering cookies to the neighbors. I used to go around with him, until I became disabled. It was so much fun! His arthritis may end his career soon, but he'll go down fighting! He loves his alter ego!
Dec 18, 2017
A pleasure to do this one