Red Panda Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Cute and soft red panda bear in a tree taking a nap.


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Aug 11, 2017
Pandas are cute animals.Pretty face, long tail. Not hard to do.
Jan 26, 2015
There used to be some webcams put up my Mozilla - supposedly, one of the Chinese words for "red panda" mean "fire fox", the name of their browser.
Nov 19, 2013
I have never heard or have I seen a red bear panda, I love the panda's but I would go wild seeing such a beautiful panda as this one, would love to see it in one of my trees, but I think it would be a touch to cold here for it, thank you team for giving us such insight on these animals, as most of us would never have seen animals like this.
Have a super day every one and here to many more cuties like this one.
Oct 19, 2013
I had never heard of a red panda bear before doing this puzzle. I did it as a mystery puzzle and thought it was a fox! Thanks again for adding to my knowledge base!!!
Oct 31, 2012
Oh, my goodness....megacute!!
Jun 23, 2012
Don't you want to have this guy as a pet?
Apr 2, 2012
Don't you just want to cuddle him?
Feb 7, 2012
Too cute for words! Thank you!
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