Red Ornaments Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzle of red Christmas balls with gold trimming. The ornaments will be hung on the tree.


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Dec 26, 2021
I LOVED these red and gold ornaments!!!!
Nov 26, 2017
Not an easy puzzle but an enjoyable one.
Dec 28, 2012
Picture this. I just spent a week with my nephew and family. My ten year old grandniece saw me doing a jigsaw puzzle (just as I hoped) and expressed an interest. They have side by side computers, so I set her up on the other computer and there we sat doing the same, lovely Christmas puzzles together. Thanks, crazy4jigsaws staff for all the pleasure you give to so many. Bless you.
Laura - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Dec 28, 2012
You're welcome! I'm glad to hear that we could give you and your grandniece an enjoyable experience together.
Jun 7, 2017
Update ---- That grandniece is now 15 and she and I and her parents were on a recent cruise. We were roommates and I was doing a cryptogram word puzzle and she became curious. Now she is doing them!
Cryptograms are my other favorite puzzle!
Oct 24, 2014
Pretty christmas time!
Dec 14, 2013
So pretty and glittery decorations
Dec 24, 2012
Christmas, my favorite time of year. A time for love and to share the good news of Jesus Christ our Saviour's birth. Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year!
Dec 22, 2012
I would like to say how wonderful it is to share our joys and blessings with everyone around the world. To have such a wonderful puzzle web site, to have wonderful "jigsaw friends". May God's blessings rain down upon each and everyone of you during this Advent/Christmas season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas everyone from the Mountains of Oregon!
Dec 22, 2012
How beautiful mountainmama, my daughter (an addict) has been particularly nasty and it has put a shadow on my first Christmas as a married woman after 31 years of no-one to share this beautiful Christmas time with. However your words really spoke to my heart and I guess for a short time I lost sight of Who He is and that He is our comforter. Boy!!! Didn't mean to get carried away lol, but thanks again mountainmama. And back to you and your family as well.
Dec 23, 2012
I can thoroughly understand your situtaion. We are similar in what you are going through. I have a prayer to share: Lord, please grant me the strenght to do Your Will, the Wisdom to know Your Will and enough love to accept Your Will. Amen.
Congratulations to your first Christmas with your husband. May you have many, many more.
God bless you and yours
Dec 23, 2012
Thank you mountainmama, I am thoroughly enjoying being married again and as I am in my seventies, cherish every day we have together. God bless you, it would be lovely to meet all these wonderful puzzlers on here many of whom share these same sentiments. Thank you so much and you are also in my prayers.
Dec 23, 2012
Thank You for such a great puzzle, I love gold and red for Christmas. I so much appreciate this community of puzzlers we have to hear from all of you from around the world. Merry christmas to each of you! In this turbulent time, we all have this celebration of our Lords birth, and a time for joy & love. Everyone have a safe and joyous Christmas!
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