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Free jigsaw puzzle for adults of a red fox. The red fox is standing against a tree trunk.


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Jul 2, 2017
He looks so apologetic lol.

Getting in Shape
I went to my Doctor and he suggested I do some exercises. Here is my new regiment...

1. Jump to conclusions
2. Climb the walls
3. Drag my heels
4. Push my luck
5. Make mountains out of molehills
6. Bend over backwards
7. Run in circles
8. Put my foot in my mouth

Take care and God bless. Hugs.
Jul 2, 2017
Unlike most regimens, that one sounds pretty easy to do!
Jul 2, 2017
LOL lilbc - hugs.
Jul 2, 2017
I love your humor & poems & thought.Diet: eat my words.
Jul 2, 2017
That is too funny!! I do not think my weight loss would agree with this. I might but they won't!!!
Jul 2, 2017
Weight loss group!!! We started a new program at Liberty U. for those of us who are having trouble losing weight. The main goal is for encouragement, holding each other accountable, and being there for those who fall so we can lift them up spiritually. As this is a new group, we are hoping for more members. Have a wonderful evening. PS, How is Lynn doing? Tell her I said hey and still praying fer her.
Jul 3, 2017
Hi mamag - called Lyn about eight days ago, she is home but is bedridden and sounded quite weak. I will call her again this weekend to see how she is going and pass on to her that you are praying for her and I thank you for that. Hugs mamag.
Jul 3, 2017
Thanks Aussie. I hope she gets her strength back soon. Sending loves and hugs.
Jul 5, 2017
Sounds just like my exercise routine...
Jul 5, 2017
Good going Aussie, mind if I copy that new list of things to
do, I like that kind of exercise.
Good luck with the new plan.
Jul 5, 2017
Go for it sept195926 LOL Hope it works for you. I am on a website for all sorts of health issues and handy hints etc and reading it yesterday they had a Japanese man who lost a lot of weight simply through breathing in for three seconds with you arms raised above your head and breathing out forcefully while lowering your arms for seven seconds. Seems very easy but most things worthwhile seem to be that way. Worth a try anyway. Having trouble getting into my email this morning but will get the website for you when I do. Hugs.
Dec 30, 2017
Jul 3, 2017
A cute little fox! It looks like he is posing!
Jul 2, 2017
I wonder how much they paid him to pose like that. It sure allowed for a great shot.

God bless you all.
Jul 2, 2017
Very nice.
Jul 2, 2017
Pretty animal. There used to be a couple hanging around our place trying for the chickens. Dogs kept them at bay though., . They never gave up until they either died or decided enough was enough. One day they simply were gone
Jul 2, 2017
"Hmmm. What can I get into next? "
Jul 2, 2017
He was quite an actor on Sanford and Son. Didn't care for him as a comedian, though. He was too raunchy and I don
t live on a raunch.
Jul 2, 2017
I remember him on Sanford and Sons. Eddie Murphy is much worse than this guy as a comedian. If you want some laughs but not the raunchy - Bill Engvall. He's on Youtube - I've seen his videos as well.
Jul 2, 2017
It's so good to see your silly self back here, doing puzzles and puzzling us at the same time. :)
Jul 2, 2017
Beautiful fox
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