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Jigsaw puzzle of a record player spinning a black vinyl record to play music.


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Oct 26, 2015
Out of sight, out of mind. Did not realize what this was until the very last piece was put in. (mystery puzzle) Under stand vinyl records are gaining favor again. Hope so.
May 26, 2018
I did it today as a mystery too. When it first came up it looked like it was all orange and black. Then as it unfolded, I started seeing the screws and the gray. Figured it out about 1/2 way through, but it was a doozy!
Jun 6, 2014
Still fun!
Mar 2, 2014
Fun! Remember this!
Oct 3, 2013
Much nostalgia recorded in these old LP's - would make hearts beat a little harder. Sigh. Some of them are really valuable to collectors these days, too. I'd have a treasure trove if it hadn't been for that burglary, dang it.
Oct 2, 2012
Another time, another generation....
Oct 2, 2012
But it was a wonderful time!
Oct 2, 2012
Put another nickel in! Teresa Brewer. Does that date me? My parents had an old victrolla. Loved their oldies!
Jan 6, 2012
I'm from that generation.