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Free puzzle to play online of ravioli pasta. The pasta is served in a white bowl. Fresh chives are sprinkled on top.


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Apr 20, 2018
Love Lobster Ravioli.
Aug 15, 2016
Not my kind of food But the Puzzle is good.
Aug 7, 2013
This looks like tortellini to me, my husband likes it with cheese sauce.
Aug 8, 2013
I agree Weenlie. Tortellini or tortelloni (same shape but larger)
Aug 10, 2013
I think they look like gnocchi!
Aug 10, 2013
I thought they could be either one.
Aug 10, 2013
Looks tasty either way!
Jun 6, 2016
I thought they were potstickers or even Polish pierogies. But it is along the same line a pasta outer shell and a filling on the inside.
Dec 29, 2013
Too much pasta and not enuf stuffing and/or sauce to suit me. I love pasta, but this needs some sauce--or something--to liven it up some!
Yup, the bowl is nice.
Dec 7, 2013
Look more like dumplings then Ravioli
Sep 15, 2013
Aussiesapphire you are so clever,,, love you post.
Aug 7, 2013
Love ravioli. Especially filled with meat and topped with spaghetti sauce.
Aug 7, 2013
I like the cheese with a chicken alfredo sauce & a large
tossed salad...
Aug 7, 2013
One of my favorites too.
Aug 7, 2013
Oh my gosh! Me too. :)
Aug 7, 2013
Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! It's amazing that ravioli is called by many different names all over the world but to me it's still just "RAVIOLI! Viva Italia!
Aug 9, 2013
It's Ravioli to me too. I only like it one way though. The old fashion way with lots of sauce.....so good.
Aug 7, 2013
Looks like wonton soup. The basil gives it away that it's not. Happy eating everyone. I'll puzzle later. Need to cut back the garden and this pm we're due for rain so I guess I'll be back then.
Has your sister found a house yet, Aussie?
Aug 7, 2013
That is what I thought of wontons. But whether wontons, pierogis, blintzes, or ravioli I think Marco Polo brought them from China. A filling with pasta shell wrap and boiled or sometimes baked or fried. Yummy, yummy let us eat already!
Aug 7, 2013
I went into a fast-food place that had the foods listed on a board above the counter (as they do). I saw that you could get a dozen "wantons" for $1.50. The mind boggles!!!!!!
Aug 8, 2013
Didn't know you could buy them over the counter, Jiggler. Was the shop packed?
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