Pyramids Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzle image of two Egyptian pyramids under a clear blue sky.


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Jun 23, 2019
Enjoyable puzzle. Egypt is not on my bucket list. But -- I enjoy reading about it and hearing about travels to Egypt.
Sep 2, 2014
Wow! Love it!
Apr 17, 2013
Found this interesting, but it is not my scene, to wander around a desert, would not mind the Heat but not the sand, sand to me is best on a beach, and just think on a beach you can drink as much water has you want, but just think if you were out there in the desert with out any water.and no cactus to get any.Thank you team for this one I did enjoy putting the pieces together.
Feb 26, 2012
Beautiful! Thanks!
Feb 22, 2013
Hello toadalove you sure do a lot of have you been? Seems we here at NE are bound to get some more snow again! Have you heard from your family in NY?
Feb 22, 2013
Thank you for asking. My sister says where they are (binghamton) they only got 6 inches. I have not heard from my daughter but She has made a lot of changes to her business website so I know she is OK!
Feb 22, 2013
Just about a year ago for this one...but it is a classic. One of the ancient wonders of the world. Where is the boy King Tut? That would make an interesting puzzle to do!!!
Apr 15, 2012
Dec 31, 2011