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Free jigsaw puzzle of a clock tower next to a river in Prague.


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Nov 12, 2018
One of my dearest friends was from prague..she wanted to take me there to meet her family but was too sick to travel....but I still talk to them....i have an adopted soldier who is there.....says it's friend saw hitler speak outside the balcony of her home....her family left for america soon after that.
Sep 23, 2014
This is pretty cool looking. Looking at Wikipedia, the bridge in the background is, I think, the Charles Bridge, started in 1357 and the tower in the background is the Charles Bridge Tower. I think the other side of the clock tower is where the Astronomical Clock is located.
Jan 12, 2018
This came up as a Mystery Puzzle for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed working it. Your narrative added to my enjoyment of this lovely photo. Thanks!
Sep 13, 2016
Mar 11, 2015
So beautiful!
Mar 6, 2015
A pretty mystery
Jun 27, 2014
Still pretty!
Jun 25, 2014
Still pretty!
Jun 24, 2014
So pretty!
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