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Jigsaw puzzle online of a collection of handmade pottery. The jars and pots range in size and detail.


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Dec 6, 2017
I'd be happy to add some of these to my pitcher collection.
Jan 22, 2016
Wonderful Pots of all kinds and each one has a job to do Great Puzzle.
Aug 26, 2014
Pretty pots all waiting to have flowers in them. This puzzle was a little hard but fun to do.

Hope comes with help from God and others.

The most powerful position on earth is kneeling before the Lord of the universe.
Aug 26, 2014
Jingles, Thanks for the last quote, How very true that is. Even tho it is difficult for me, I love to be on my knees before God.
Aug 26, 2014
Hello Jingles - and in the same vein - I saw a church sign in Hamilton yesterday: If you can't stand it....try kneeling! Very true and Cindy, I have often believed it is also the heart attitude of "kneeling" - and He knows our hearts :)
Aug 27, 2014
Our desire to please God, pleases Him. I heard that a long time ago and I believe it.
Sep 30, 2015
Your quote is the one I like best, Cindy. I had always wondered when folks who decided to devote their lives to God then got all caught up in worry and scruples didn't figure that one out. But we all need to be reminded, don't we?
Sep 17, 2014
This pottery puzzle reminds me of certain verses in the Bible about God being the potter and we are the clay.
Aug 27, 2014
This took me awhile. It was fun:) I pretended I was forming this pottery as my Ancestors did:) I am American-Mexican:)
Aug 28, 2014
Eveningstar, I love that idea!
Aug 29, 2014
Thanks Jiggler:)
Aug 28, 2014
Nice puzzle a little difficult with all this browny colour
bonjour a tous
Aug 27, 2014
Fitting puzzle today since my devotional this morning by Anne Graham Lotz was on He is the potter and I am the clay. :) So true in my life especially right now as I am going through some health issues.
Aug 26, 2014
WAY longer than normal...almost 2 full extra minutes!
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