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Jul 24, 2023
Mommy and child. Cute puzzle to do. Home yesterday from hospital. Finally can do some things.
Jul 11, 2022
Cute puzzle.
Jan 25, 2022
VERY CUTE as can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10, 2020
Don't know anything about the breed. Do they bite...can you tame them??? Not my idea of a cute pet.
Apr 8, 2020
My "other Dad" and I loved ferrets. I always had to clean up their body waste, though. Buit I did it out of love.
Apr 21, 2019
They look cute but not my idea of a nice pet.

"If you want to know the past, to know what has caused you, look at yourself in the PRESENT, for that is the past's effect. If you want to know your future, then look at yourself in the PRESENT, for that is the cause of the future." —Majjhima Nikaya

"All of life is a near-death experience." —Alan Harris

Good night and God bless all of you.
Apr 21, 2019
Great quotes, aussie! I especially like the first one and the second one made me laugh. Have a great day and I hope the pain is lessening some. Hugs and blessings, my friend.
Apr 23, 2019
Got a scare at 4am this morning - I woke after abut three nd a half hours uninterrupted sleep and got out of bed to find I could not walk and the pain was excruciating - called my sister at 6am, she is just a few kms from me, and she was there trying to help. As it is Easter Monday here and a public holiday, no pharmacies were open and no doctors. After hours doctors could not be here until late this afternoon. A pharmacy opened at 9am and my sister got a prescription filled for pain which made a big difference. My leg is still sore but the back is so much more comfortable but will try to get in to see the doctor tomorrow. Hugs.
Emma - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Apr 21, 2019
Sorry everyone, looks like a glitch caused our Easter puzzles to not show up. Please check the homepage or jigsaw calendar to play today's Easter puzzles. Happy Easter everyone!
Apr 23, 2019
No worries, Kevin.Belated Happy Easter to you all.Thought you may have moved to greener pasture's.
Apr 21, 2019
I love ferrets! I had one name babs she was 90% blind but she was a sweetheart and then I got another one named babygirl and she got cancer I didn't have her for very long it was sad loosing her
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