Pink Poinsettia Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of a pink poinsettia flower in full bloom for the Christmas season. The poinsettia is highlighted with white accents.


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Jan 27, 2020
The variety of poinsettias that are available for sale today is amazing.
Dec 10, 2018
First time I ever saw a PINK poinsettiua. So VERY PRETTY!!!!! INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 22, 2018
Mystery one this time. Took a while. Very pretty.
Dec 20, 2016
Quick and beautiful puzzle!
Dec 11, 2016
Thought it would be harder than it was. However, for Christmas, red is the color--not pink. Too bad they don't bloom in the springtime.
Dec 21, 2014
Exquisite, gorgeous pink poinsettia. I loved it in July 2013 I see! I seem to be a cranky old grandma, however. I think poinsettias at Christmas time should be RED.
Dec 21, 2014
Well, there are red ones in the picture also. I guess the pink is OK. Remember, anyone, when we had silver, pink, blue, etc. Christmas trees? ACK! I'm glad we got past that phase. Was it that time also when we had giant, humongous, hairdos? Aren't fads funny? I still love bell bottoms, however! I think they sort of balanced out your figure.
Sep 15, 2015 too.
Dec 11, 2016
I love the red ones. Would never buy the pink ones.
Dec 8, 2015
Love the color of the poinsettias dont see to many of them
Jun 4, 2014
Pretty! Like the center!
Aug 25, 2014
Still one of my favorite flowers! Very pretty and festive. :)
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