Pineapple Tops Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle of fresh pineapples with green tops.


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Nov 29, 2023
Wow, I think I'm pineapple blind now.
Jan 25, 2015
Who cares how long it takes - I just do them for fun!!
Jan 26, 2015
Me to
I think I also do them to keep from doing the things that I need to be doing
Sep 20, 2014
I like this puzzle a lot even though my time was awful compared to others.
Jul 24, 2011
I would like to ask friends who solve the puzzle in 3 minutes or five how can they do it ? do they use some program to help them? because it is not reasonable , that time is not enough even to think or look . any how I begin my day with solving the nice puzzle.
Laura - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Jul 24, 2011
We do not allow members to use any programs to help them solve the puzzles. It takes a lot of practice to get a fast score. We wrote up some tips and tricks to help you solve the puzzles faster on the blog. Click here to read the post.
Oct 24, 2012
Thanks for bringing up this issue. When I see people doing the 6 piece puzzle (which I use to do the mystery puzzles that I don't want to spend time on) in 3 or 4 seconds I just marvel as the least I've been able to do is 5 seconds and that's rarely. I wondered if there was a secret I didn't know. I'm grateful that Laura from the staff is addressing this just above your note. Maybe I'll hit 4 seconds after all!
Feb 7, 2013
Doing a puzzle in a fast time does take practise and also concentration which I struggle with sometimes! Something I find helps is to lay the puzzle out on the board without letting the pieces touch and then spend a few minutes looking at the shapes and colours to identify key points in the picture so that I can spot them more quickly when I am actually do the puzzle. Then I start again and do the puzzle against the clock. I hope this might help.
May 16, 2013
The key to solving the puzzles faster is learning the pieces. You have to know where the pieces go automatically then use the color to guide you. Thats how I do it
Aug 17, 2012
Ouch! But fresh pineapple is worth it!
Jan 31, 2012
Dating myself the word is COOL!
Jul 30, 2011
cwsloan2045 Love pineapple, eating or puzzles, too.
Jul 27, 2011
Those prickly spikes are no fun to touch.
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