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Apr 5, 2021
My Mom and grand mother didn't do any pickling that I remember, but they did an enormous amount of canning. Tomatoes particularly but also green beans, peaches. They made apple butter. They did pickle watermelon rind that was delicious and they made a sweet pepper relish that I loved. They did it because they enjoyed the foods in the winter when you couldn't get those foods back then and also to save money. Now you can get just about anything any time of year.
Jan 29, 2021
I have never pickled anything but back when I small my mom and everyone on the farms did.
Jan 20, 2021
Not much of this done anymore, however I just the other day pickled two dozen eggs
Jan 20, 2021
Have never done this. It also doesn't appeal to me.

This day has never been lived before. Enjoy!
Jan 20, 2021
Jan 20, 2021
Someone has been busy growing, reaping and preserving!!!